About me


My name is Jose David Gonzalez. I’m an Electronic Engineer from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela. I was born in beautiful Margarita Island and I’m currently finishing my post-graduate studies at Universidad Central de Venezuela. I have a beautiful daughter called Sofia whom I carry within my heart always.


I work as Cordinator of the Sales Engineers Team where we design innovative solutions for very important companies powered by vendors like Cisco, Oracle and HP.

My personal research line is focused on Artificial Intelligence. In fact, I’m developing my thesis project on this area. For me, It’s very interesting how some simple algorithms can solve complex problems, just like Genetic Algorithms and Cellular Automata, on which I’m working currently.

In my spare time I develop my skills as photographer, play electric guitar and write on this blog.

This site is a window to my life, where you will find information about my personal projects, my hobbies and things I like. I hope you find it useful, informative and fun!

José David.