Topotepuy Garden, Caracas, Venezuela

It is an ecological garden founded by ornithologist William and Kathy Phelps who completed the most important birds collection in Venezuela. Topotepuy is located in a beautiful hill at Los Guayabitos, Caracas, Venezuela and is intended as a place to observe and preserve nature.

Within its 10 acres you can find numerous species of Bromeliads, Orchids and Aquatic and Xerophytic plants. Also, you can see a lot of free Hummingbirds interacting between them and with their environment.

At Topotepuy you can take a photowalk guided by an ecologist professional photographer and get inside its clouded forest while learning to document nature through your camera. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert on technical aspect of photography in order to get magnificent pictures of the flora and fauna around you.

Next, some photos I took on abril 2012. You can support this site by buying this Royalty Free Photos.









In a flower









There, you really have a direct contact with nature. To learn more, click here. If you want to get more information about the photowalk, please click here.

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